The Most Beautiful Pitaya Bowls You'll Ever See

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Every once in a while, you find yourself on Instagram discovering something that makes looking at your 3-inch screen worthwhile. You get lost in an abyss of some sort of eye candy that has you re-thinking your life and suddenly you're hungry.

We got lost in the abyss that is @RachelReneLorton (Rachel Lorton); an endless amount of mesmerizing creations that you'll want to frame and then eat. She was kind enough to share some of her artwork with us and how she created them. So without any further adieu, we are proud to present you the Rachel Lorton Pitaya Art Gallery.

 Pitaya / Banana / Pineapple / Canaloupe / Coconut Yogurt


 Pitaya / Banana / Mango / Pineapple / Coconut Yogurt

 Pitaya / Banana / Jackfruit / Pineapple / Coconut Yogurt

 Pitaya / Banana / Mango / White flesh Dragon Fruit / Vanilla Cashew Milk

Pitaya Bowl

 Pitaya / Jackfruit / Banana / Coconut Yogurt

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Pitaya Plus
Pitaya Plus

July 10, 2017

Thank you Lillie… it was all Rachel : )

Lillie Gold
Lillie Gold

June 01, 2017

This was fabulous!!!

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