Pink Hangover Cure Smoothie

Pink Hangover Cure Smoothie

NutriBullet University - The Class You Wish You Had

NutriBullet University and Pitaya PlusIn this class, you’re provided with a blender, fruits & veggies for your taste buds to make a delicious smoothie. Do you think you could do it?

Pink Citrus Sunrise Cocktail

Pink Citrus Sunrise Pitaya Plus RecipeSit back and relax, while you watch everyone's smile get bigger with ever sip : )

Hooked On Purely Elizabeth!

If you haven't heard of Purely Elizabeth, then it's about time you do. You're missing out, and now is your chance to try it for free! This one of a kind gluten-free...

Your 4th of July Guide

This year America is turning 240 years old. Can you believe it? Neither can we. This means we have to celebrate big! We’ve got a few ideas

Pitaya Sangria

Pitaya SangriaWith all this summer heat coming in, it's time to have another recipe on hand that will cool you down.

Old Bananas Are the New New...

Leave No Banana Behind Pitaya Plus Don’t throw away that old banana, there is still greatness within! Learn how old Banana's are just the beginning to many delicious things to come...

Thank You 30,000 Times Giveaway

Pitaya Plus 30K FollowersWe are so grateful for everyone’s support, that we are giving away THREE x16 packs of Pitaya:)

5 Reasons You Want Breakfast

5 Reasons You Want BreakfastYou’ve skipped breakfast, we’ve skipped breakfast, it happens to everyone. Does it matter? What’s the big deal when you can eat lunch early? We have 5 easy reasons why...

Aqua Wellness Resort... A Nicaraguan Paradise

Aqua Wellness ResortYou looking for a new paradise? Well, read about our trip to Aqua Wellness Resort... a true Nicaraguan Paradise you've never forget.

How To Make a Splash This New Years

Pitaya PlusWell it's New Years, and we wanted to show everyone how to add a little color to your celebration:)

Thank You 28 Thousand Times

Pitaya Plus Smoothie CheersWe've reached 28 thousand followers on Instagram, and we owe it all to you. So from the bottom of our hearts

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