Pink Pitaya Cups

Wouldn’t it be great if over the holidays you could indulge in a delicious dessert that you didn’t have to feel guilty about? We invite you to try our Pink Pitaya Cups recipe. It requires no baking, simple ingredients, and is easy to make. On top of that, it’s 100% vegan, and provides you with tons of nutrients.

This vibrant recipe is only 140 calories per cupcake, contains 6 grams of fat (5 grams being unsaturated fat thanks to the almonds), and 6 grams of sugar. A typical slice of cheesecake is packed with three times the amount of calories, saturated fat, and five times the amount of sugar.

These RAW Pink Pitaya Cups have a creamy rich taste that gives off the perfect amount of sweetness that will have you wanting more!

*See more amazing recipes created by Andy here at her site



  • 10 Dates
  • 3/4 cup of Almond Meal/Flour
  • 1 tbsp of Water
    1. Soak cashews for about 3 hours
    2. Thaw Pitaya pack
    3. Soak dates in warm water until soft
    4. Put the dates, water and almond meal into a blender or food processor: blend until it reaches a dough like consistency
    5. Fill each well oiled cupcake tin or silicone cupcake mold with approx 1 tbsp of dough; press dough down into to tin to flatten out
    6. Combine all ingredients for the filling into a blender. Mix 4-6 minutes until smooth
    7. Fill cupcake tins about halfway with the filling
    8. Freeze until solid, preferably overnight
    9. Keep frozen until ready to serve and enjoy!

    4 Responses


    August 21, 2015

    I am allergic to cashews. ( what nut would you use to substitue? Sounds so fun and scruptious.

    Thank You


    January 07, 2015

    what do you soak the cashews in?

    Pitaya Plus
    Pitaya Plus

    December 18, 2014

    Hey KM,

    What a great suggestion! We are going to submit your request to the web design team and see what we can do:) Thanks for your comment.


    December 17, 2014

    Please start adding the Pinterest button to ur recipies. It would be great to easily add them to our Pinterest boards to save :)

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