Pitaya Cucumber Cocktail

Pitaya Cucumber Cocktail Pitaya Plus

Cinco De Mayo always has us saying, “ayayayi!” So we decided to make another delicious cocktail recipe. With the weather warming up, cucumber was our ingredient of choice to add a refreshing taste everyone (over 21) will love! RECIPE for 2

  • 1/2 Pitaya Smoothie Pack or small scoop of Pitaya Cubes to fill half a glass
  • 3oz Tequila
  • 1/3oz Agave
  • 2 cups of Ice
  • 8 Mint Leaves
  • 1/3 Cucumber (peeled optional)
  • 1/2 fresh squeezed lime
  • 4oz Club Soda
  1. Cut 2 small slices of cucumber (garnish later), for the rest cut into small pieces and muddle in a cup until mostly crushed.
  2. Add all mint leaves in the same cup and muddle lightly.
  3. Add muddled ingredients, tequila, agave, lime juice, 1/2 cup of ice into a shaker and shake.
  4. Strain into two glasses 1/2 full of ice and Pitaya cubes.
  5. Add a little club soda float on top of both drinks.
  6. Garnish with mint leaves and single cucumber slice on side of your glass.
  7. Cheers your friend and enjoy responsibly.

NOTE: If you don't have a muddler tool, skater or strainer, here are some other options to use. For muddling, grab a wooden spoon or any object that has a flat end that won't damage your glass or bowl when muddling. For a shaker / strainer, a coffee thermal, sports bottle or anything that can seal, then allow for a small amount of liquid to escape works perfect : )


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