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It’s truly amazing when you come across brands that have a similar story and social goals. We came across Pura Vida earlier this year, and we knew we had to work with them. A truly remarkable story about two friends exploring the beautiful land of Costa Rica, only to realize they had stumbled upon a life changing opportunity that would blossom into a brand that helps so many.

Pura Vida has taken bracelets to the next level. They have now created a lifestyle around these bracelets to encourage living life with passion. To live, love and push yourself to enjoy the moment. This message has been so powerful, Pura Vida has been able to setup their "Charity Collection" of products that give back to various foundations.

Needless to say we were inspired. We wanted to create a bracelet that shows what we do and stand for. That is how the "I Support" bracelet was born. To date Pitaya Plus has been able to create jobs for over 150 single mothers in Nicaragua. Helping them provide food, shelter and security for their families.

At the same time we have also educated and supported over 200 organic, sustainable, family owned farmers and their families. This is all just part of the mission to create the healthiest Pitaya fruit products possible with minimal processing and no added anything. I mean it's just fruit, not rocket science. So while supplies last, any online Pitaya order will receive a single "I Support" bracelet. This bracelet is a symbol that supports those in need, those that eat healthy, and to those that make a difference.

With all this being said, none of this could have been possible without the support of all of you. You have made an impact on so many people around the world by supporting our brands. From the bottom of our hearts and Pura Vida, thank you! We hope this will be the first of many great collaborations that give back in a big way:)

Pitaya-razz smoothie and I Support bracelets (Shop Now)


I Support bracelet

While supplies last, all online orders get a FREE I Support bracelet (Shop Now)  

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